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Isabell Keira Anoche Domingo's Christening.Equipment used:Nikon D50Nikkor 17-35mm ED IFNikkor 50mm 1.8 AFNikon SB-600 w/ SBM Diffuser
rico, kimmie, isabell, and indaekimmie rico and the baby!!!ejfearless leader, dumbfounded as usual.ace and frankiethe usual suspectsisa and ricokimmie and isabellthe cousins!?!?art, ej, hezzy, ej, rico, kimmie, indae, diane and tonidiane and tonikimmie and ricotoni and ejej, rico, isa, hezzyjboi and jaydentoni and danieltoni, rico and dianedianiel again.dianiel again!jella and toni