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Nikon F3: Never Meet Your Heroes

August 19, 2018
It seems there's no shortage for articles or Google landings for when you search for " Nikon F3." There's good reason for that, it's one revered camera. I could go on and...
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Featured on Emulsive | 5 FRAMES WITH… FUJI NEOPAN ACROS 100

August 17, 2018
This was the first roll of Acros I ever shot. It came with the bikkuri case I ordered from Japan Camera Hunter. In honor of its discontinuation, I thought I should finall...
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Field Notes: Cura STS-100 Silky Touch Strap

April 29, 2018
Can a camera strap really make a difference in the way we shoot or is it merely just a utilitarian accessory? That's what I'm asking myself at this very moment. When my e...
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Cameras That I Love: Olympus XA

January 18, 2018
First things first. I'm not that old. I'm in my early thirties, so that makes me still part albeit in an older segment of the millennial generation. I enjoy listening to...
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Field Notes: Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7

April 06, 2017
Let's get things straight. I am not a fanboy. I hold no allegiance to any particular brand though I do have affinities for some. If anything I'm a Nikon apologist. I cele...
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14 Hours in Hong Kong

March 17, 2017
It was about that time of the year again, figuring out a way to get to the Philippines all the while getting to see other parts of the world on my way there. Last year I...
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So I Covered a Protest.

November 14, 2016
[American] Democracy can be a fickle thing. It probably goes without saying that the nature of the Free World was turned upside down this a couple of weeks ago with the e...
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This is Race Theory

October 01, 2016
The late August New Jersey Sun does some crazy things to your sleep-deprived mind. As some of you may know I am avid motorcyclist. On occasion I will take my mechanized m...
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