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Vignette: The OG Renaissance Man

May 26, 2020 - Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci. Nikola Tesla. These historical figures are regarded as Renaissance men. But who wa...
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What the Hell, Fuji?

February 26, 2019 - Back when film was the capturing medium of choice, I remember there being shelves and shelves of tiny boxes behind the c...
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Something I Wrote Made it Into a Photography Magazine. (WHAT?!)

November 06, 2018 - About 2 months ago, Mauricio Reis & Hugo Pinho from Olympus Passion reached out to me via e-mail and inquired about feat...
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Featured on Emulsive | 5 FRAMES WITH… FUJI NEOPAN ACROS 100

August 17, 2018 - This was the first roll of Acros I ever shot. It came with the bikkuri case I ordered from Japan Camera Hunter. In honor...
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14 Hours in Hong Kong

March 17, 2017 - It was about that time of the year again, figuring out a way to get to the Philippines all the while getting to see othe...
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So I Covered a Protest.

November 14, 2016 - [American] Democracy can be a fickle thing. It probably goes without saying that the nature of the Free World was turned...
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This is Race Theory

October 01, 2016 - The late August New Jersey Sun does some crazy things to your sleep-deprived mind. As some of you may know I am avid mot...
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The Oculus

September 26, 2016 - It's pretty crazy to consider this thought: there are teenagers alive today that have never known of the original World...
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Stop asking your photographer friends which camera you should buy.

April 09, 2016 - I'm always happy to lend my expertise on something. It's both an honor and it's quite flattering, it really is. But like...
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